We are UPSET ….. why?

The textile chain is not fair nor sustainable at the moment. We think for the wrong reasons. There are simply too little business- or technical limitations to not have fair fashion for a good price.

Produced according to ‘the human dimension’​ and all from bio- or recycled content. We are satisfied with nothing less!

It just requires to UPSET our way of thinking.



We are building a circular and socially fair textiles value chain, starting at the heart of the industry: India. UPSET textiles has a big, hairy and ambitious goal:

‘Revolutionize the set-up of the textile industry from the inside out. UPSET will guarantee the use of 100% recycled materials in a controlled- and transparant circular and socially responsible textile value chain. Hereby making future proof apparel available to the mainstream markets’.

Founded by a team of experienced c-level managers in the retail- and fashion industry, and social business development in India, UPSET is set up for success. We bring a groundbreaking recycling technology to India that can produce 100% recycled cotton for a similar price as virgin cotton. We are therefore looking for ambitious apparel brands and garment factories, active in India, that want to build the chain together. 

We would love to hear from you at: info@UPSETtextiles.com